full title
  • Director WANG Quan An
    Year 2007
    Status Completed
    Genre drama
    Starring Yu Nan, Bater, Baolier, Zhaya
    Running Time 96 min.
    Country of Production China
    Festival & Awards 2007 Berlin Int’l Film Festival - Competition - Golden Bear for Best Film
    Synopsis In the North-West territory of Chinese Inter Mongolia, the natural circumstances become more and more worse because of the violent industrial expansions. The government forces the local Mongolian herdsmen to give up their herding life and moves to the nearby areas of the city and turns them into the peasants. Tuya doesn’t want to leave her homeland pasture and she continues to live harshly with her disabled husband, two children, hundred sheep at the big pasture. Taff and heavy work make this beautiful and strong Mongolian lady very exhausted. Tuya’s husband Barter persuades her for divorce, but Tuya doesn’t want to. One day, finally, she falls ill. Tuya now thinks about the divorce because she likes to find someone who can take care of Barter, two children, sheep and very drained pasture. ALL suitors come but can not accept Barter. Tuya’s middle school classmate Baolier gets the chance who arranges Barter to live in a very nice welfare house and brings Tuya and the children to live in the town. First time left the Prairie , Barter can’t endure the loneliness and strong love to his family members, he shears his wrist finally at the new place. Tuya saves Barter with all her efforts and brings him and children back to the pasture which is completely drained.