full title
IDOL (2019)
  • Director LEE Su-jin
    Year 2019
    Status Completed
    Genre drama, thriller
    Starring HAN Seok-kyu, SUL Kyung-gu, CHUN Woo-hee
    Running Time 140 min.
    Country of Production Korea
    Festival & Awards 2019 Berlin International Film Festival - Panorama
    2019 Fantasia International Film Festival - Cheval Noir Competition
    2019 L'Etrange Festival Paris - International Competition
    2019 SITGES - International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia - Noves Visions
    2019 AFI FEST - New Auteurs
    Synopsis Myung-hui’s successful political life is in danger as a result of an accident involving his son. An upstanding citizen with strict moral code, he convinces his son to come forward with the accident instead of covering it up. Joong-sik’s life revolves around his mentally handicapped son Bu-nam but his world comes crashing down when his son ends up dead in an accident. Ryeon-hwa was with Bu-nam the night he was killed and saw everything firsthand. For some mysterious reason, she disappears without a trace. Both men look for her for two very different reasons and her secret is bound to connect these two men’s lives in a harrowing way.